GeoInspections: Home Inspections in Kansas City, MO

Hello and happy start of Spring Kansas City! For March, we wanted to highlight our pals over at GeoInspections, they are a locally-based, professional home inspector in Kansas City, MO and serving the entire KC metro area. With Spring officially just a few days away, a lot of people with be getting caught up on their Spring Cleaning, as well as regular home maintenance repairs and home improvement tasks that have been put off through the winter and early March cold weather. If you find yourself needing an experienced home inspector in Lee’s Summit, MO or anywhere else in the KC area, GeoInspections can help.

If you find yourself needing a foundation inspection, running into some unwanted mold in your basement, or finding termite damage on wooden parts of your home, give the guys at GeoInspections a call at 816-506-0905 or visit for more company information and info on specific types of inspections offered today. Have a great weekend KC!

Home Inspector Kansas City, MO


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